There’s no hard and fast rule to achieve creative photography nor there are guidelines and steps to think out of the box. But one thing’s for sure, for those who create some of the most creative photos in the world, they have great passion for photography and some good few years of practices and experience.

(Image source: Koen DemuynckHere is a collection of some really creative photographs that truly inspires. Full list after jump.

Sharad Haksar

Sharad is named one of the best photographers worldwide, here are some examples of Sharead Haksar‘s creative work.

Koen Demuynck

Belgian Photographer

Erik Johansson

Creative photo manipulation created by Erik Johansson, 23 year old computer engineering student from Gothenburg, Sweden. Click here to visit Erik’s portfolio.

Fly Girl by Vincent Koh

Trompete by Marcus Hausser

Psycho Pâtes by Alexandre Dubosc

by Chema Madoz

by Romain Laurent

by Rajala

by Creative Tempest

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