Uno stile molto retrò ma moderno… L’impatto visivo fa subito venire in mente le avanguardie storiche dei primi del 900, il collage e il fotomontaggio. Il risultato finale risulta molto efficace.


To build a BMW means to throw good solutions into the waste-paper basket. In order to bring the better ones the streets. Pay off: BWW world like to thank all their employees who accept this challenge to give their best each day. (Campaign features actual BMW employees.)



To build a BMW means to have innumerable ideas. To discard most of them. To approve just a few. And to fight for the best of them.


To build a BMW means to think the possible. Until the thinkable becomes of possibility.

Bmw - Adv

To build a BMW means to know the limits of physics. But never to accept them.

Cliente: BMW
Agenzia: Jung von Matt AG Germany
Art director: Thimoteus Wagner
Copy: Bernhard Lukas
Fotografo: Uwe Duettmann

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