The spot we are animals.
From The Press Release

In today’s society, our animal instincts are smothered by daily modern life, city-living and constant technological developments. Man is an animal, but he no longer knows it.

Wrangler’s new strategic and creative platform seeks to re-awaken our bottled-up instincts and to encourage who and what we fundamentally are, by putting all that is pure, natural and instinctive back into Man.

Agency: FFL Paris
Executive Creative Director: Fred & Farid
Art Director: Julie Louison, Perinne Durand
Copywriter: Julie Louison, Perinne Durand
Agency Supervisor: Fred & Farid, Daniel Dormeyer, Brani Branitcheva, Vassilios Basos, Paola Bersi
Advertiser Supervisor: Giorgio Presca, Mark Cuthbert, Gary Burnand, Carmen Claes
Art Buyer: Camille Guerrier, Charlotte Delobelle
Media Strategy and Buying: FFL Media, Pascal Crifo

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