Howard Wakefield ha creato questa cover per il magazine musicale inglese  Clash che celebra i 30 anni dei New Order. Se volete capire il perchè Howard Wakefield ha optato per questa soluzione colorata e minimale  guardate oltre…

“When I think about imagery and New Order, I instantly think of all the sleeves,” says Wakefield of his approach to the commission, “but rather than showing a montage of them, which have been much seen, admired and recognised, I wondered how recognisable are they?” I was curious to find out,” he continues, “if I reduced them in some way, could they still be recognisable? I tried blurring and distorting them, but they rapidly became something else, however by simplifying them to their basic colour elements, they appeared to remain true to their iconic designs.”

“I found I could reduce them a great deal – to just nine simple squares – and ironically this reducing reminded me of today’s requirement to design a sleeve that can work as a tiny ‘thumbnail’ to be used on iTunes rather than the expanse we once enjoyed with a 12 inch record sleeve.”

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